Gender and Media Minor

The School of Communication & Information and the Department of Women's and Gender Studies (School of Arts and Sciences) have teamed up to offer an innovative cross-disciplinary minor in Gender and Media. You'll analyze gendered power inequalities in the media as you acquire hands-on, technical media skills. With exciting capstone and internship opportunities, you’ll gain a rich, unique perspective on gender and the media as well as opportunities to critique, contribute to, and improve current media conditions.

The Gender and Media minor will help prepare you for careers in a number of relevant fields: journalism, media studies, film-making, advertising and marketing, public relations, business and management, social services, public policy, the arts, and many others.

For more information, please visit the SAS Student Page and explore the options below.

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Minor in Critical Sexualities Studies

The 18 credit Critical Sexualities Minor introduces students to pioneering thinking on sex, sexuality, queer studies, global and ethno-racial issues, health, activism, and social justice. Two required courses (Introduction to Critical Sexuality Studies and Research in Sexuality Studies) introduce students to the politics and challenges related to research and activism around sexuality. The four elective courses can be drawn from a broad range of historical and cross-cultural perspectives related to the central themes of the minor. 

To declare a minor in Critical Sexualities Studies, please visit the Rutgers myMajor system.
For more information, please visit the SAS Student Page.

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