Majoring in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies can take you where you want to go!

Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies interrogates knowledge and power in order to build a more just world. Our degrees train students how to identify, analyze, and dismantle structural inequalities and the key ways they materialize: as gender, race, sexuality, class, and related ideas of difference. We engage with history, culture, politics, society, religion, philosophy and other aspects of human life, both drawing on these disciplines and extending beyond their limits. We cultivate transformative practices of research, writing, critical thinking, and problem solving.

Our classes emphasize the feminist methodology of intersectionality, which is the practice of interrogating power by placing the most marginalized at the center of our intellectual endeavor and our daily efforts to create a more equitable world. The major provides students with key tools: how to interrogate power, how to engage the challenges of contemporary life, and how to fight for social transformation and social justice.

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Ameena Qobrtay

Ameena Qobrtay, features editor for The Daily Targum, says that Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies helps her bring depth and insight to her work in journalism. “Women’s and gender studies is more than a major,” she says. “It’s a new way of looking at everything.”


Study Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Learn from internationally recognized feminist leaders
Build critical thinking skills with the goal of building a more just world2
Analyze structural inequality and how it manifests through race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, and disability
Combine research and theory to fight for social justice around the globe
Engage with pressing issues and debates in feminist scholarship, theory, and activism


The Department of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies is part of the School of Arts and Sciences

As a Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies major in the School of Arts and Sciences, you’ll have full access to a liberal arts education that spans 47 programs for undergraduates. You will acquire both the specialized knowledge of the field you choose to study in depth, and broad knowledge of the world from the renowned scholar-teachers at Rutgers. You’ll graduate ready to meet contemporary challenges in your workplace, in your hometown, and in the global community.

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