The 18 credit Sexualities Minor introduces students to pioneering thinking on sex, sexuality, queer studies, global and ethno-racial issues, health, activism, and social justice. Two required courses (Introduction to Critical Sexuality Studies and Research in Sexuality Studies) introduce students to the politics and challenges related to research and activism around sexuality. The four elective courses can be drawn from a broad range of historical and cross-cultural perspectives related to the central themes of the minor. 

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Minor requirements:

(effective 2003 - 2004)

Students are required to complete six 3-credit courses (with a grade of C or better) in the minor, for a total of 18 credits.


888:290 Introduction to Critical Sexualities Studies (3 credits)

888:339 Research on Sexualities (3 credits)

Four (4) electives from the approved list
American Studies
050:325 Women on the Fringe
050:342 American Sexuality

070:222 Anthropology of Sexuality and Eroticism
070:371 The Politics of Culture
070:372 Anthropology of the Body
070:389 Ethnography of Gender in South Asia

Comparative Literature
195:308 Gender, Race and Textual Imagination
195:326 Backgrounds of Homoerotic Literature

Criminal Justice
202:327 Sex, Crime and Justice

351:315 Backgrounds in Homoerotic Literature
351:348 Literature and Sexuality
353:346 Theories of Gender and Sexuality

Jewish Studies
01:563:323 Women in the Bible
01:563:335 Jewish-American Women: Contested Lives

Latino and Hispanic Caribbean Studies
836:306 Queer Culture in the Hispanic, Caribbean Diaspora
836:326 Gender, Sexualities, and the Caribbean
836:327 Gender, Sexualities, and Representation in US Latina/o Communities

830:362 Psychology of Sex and Gender

860:435 Social Construction of Gender and Sexuality in Russian Literature

920:422 Sexuality
920:440 Sexuality and Society

Women’s & Gender Studies
888:215 Introduction to Transgender Studies
888:285 Lesbians and Gay Men and Society
888:291 Francophilia: Literature and Sexuality in Modern France
888:321 Queer Contexts
888:338 Transnational Sexualities
988:257 Gender and the Body: Representation and Pornography
988:259 Homosexuality and Visual Culture
988:318 The Gendered Body
988:331 Theorizing Gender and Sexuality
988:332 The Color of AIDS: The Politics of Race during the AIDS Crisis
988:392 Thinking Bodies
988:398 Freud & Feminism
988:465 The Queering of Theory



Offered Courses:

01:888:215 Introduction to Transgender Studies (3)
Survey of key themes in transgender studies. Explores the category across medicine, history, anthropology, and women's and gender studies; transgender practices as embedded in race, class, sexuality, nationality, and ability.

01:888:285 Lesbians and Gay Men and Society (3)
Introduction to various disciplines' contributions to understanding the relationship of homosexuality, particularly lesbianism, to society. Includes a section on the political organization and recent theory coming out of the gay movement.

01:888:290 Introduction to Critical Sexualities (3)
Introduction to the study of sexuality as well as sexual and gendered identity from multidisciplinary and historical perspectives. Includes U.S. and European approaches to sexology, legal regulation of sexual practices, and family formation.

01:888:291 Francophilia: Literature and Sexuality in Modern France (3)
Explores cultural representations of non-conforming sexualities in France from the late-19th century to the present. The approach combines writing exercises with close reading and analytical discussion of literature, theory, and film within an evolving historical context. Taught in English.

01:888:321 Queer Contexts (3)
Cultural construction and representation of same-sex desire in Western societies. Debates about identity, subjectivity, and the uses of experience included.

01:888:338 Transnational Sexualities (3)
Considers how globalization alters conceptualizations of sexuality and its relationship to gender. Issues include global, diasporic, and postcolonial gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender activism, tourism and travel, HIV/AIDS organizing, "sexual rights" discourses, sex work, and asylum based on gender and sexual orientation.
Prerequisite: 01:988:101 or 190 or 235 or 201 or 202.

01:888:339 Research on Sexualities (3)
Historical, cross-cultural, and multidisciplinary approaches to sexuality research. Social, moral, and political meanings of sexuality in U.S. and transnational contexts. Current issues and debates around sexual norms.
Prerequisite: 01:988:280.