Course Descriptions: Selected Graduate Courses - FALL 2021

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Course Descriptions

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16:988:517; Advocacy: Tactics and Techniques

Instructor: Voichita Nachescu
Course Delivery: W 0100 P - 0400

Certain skills are essential for advocacy, regardless of the cause one seeks to promote. This course will assist students in developing basic capacities such a public speaking, agenda setting, issue identification, event planning, publicity campaigns, harnessing free media, group facilitation, social media mobilization, fundraising, grant writing, networking, coalition building, petitioning, lobbying, organizational planning and budgeting, consensus-building, and participatory decision-making. Drawing examples from feminist activism and organizations across the global North and South, the class will prepare students for the demands of social change activism and advocacy.

16:988:530; Gendered Borders/Changing Boundaries

Instructor: Radhika Balakrishnan
Course Delivery: T 1100 A - 0200

The course provides a multi-disciplinary materialist approach to understanding the way that capitalist development has created/es gendered borders and changes/ed boundaries. The course examines the global economic system and the ways in which it has changed over time. This is an advanced reading seminar that explores various (but especially feminist) approaches to theorizing how the global economy works to deconstruct and unmask the neoliberal, market-driven policy agenda and examine national and global alternatives. It will focus on how the changing nature of production with global flows of capital and people, have a gender differentiated impact on the lives of women in different locations. Particular attention will be paid to macro economic policy, supply chains and labor rights, financialization, development policy and inclusive growth.