Graduate Spring 2014 Courses

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Course Descriptions:

988:520:01 Agency, Subjectivity, and Social Change

T34 (12:35-3:35) RDJC-011 C/D

Professor: Mary Gossy
We will be doing close readings of essays in feminist deconstruction by Barbara Johnson. Students will bring peer-reviewed articles of immediate personal academic interest to class; that way we will have a seminar that involves each student's work, with feminist deconstructionist thinking on difference at the core. Our work will be supplemented by Paul Virilio’s recent writing on speed. We will integrate that thinking with the concerns raised by the course rubric, and with a feminist approach to the problems he analyzes, as they are related to the matter of difference.

The interdisciplinarity of our work thus enriches everyone's experience. We will have a genuine seminar in which all students contribute from their own research and interests, in a collaborative enterprise that creates new knowledge in an engagement with primary theoretical texts.