Rutgers Learning Centers

The Rutgers Learning Centers provide an active and collaborative place to learn through a variety of peer-led academic support services that enhance student success. They offer the following core programs:

Peer Tutoring:

Studies show that one of the most effective ways that students learn is from their peers. To that end, the Rutgers Learning Centers' Peer Group Tutorintg Program offers peer tutoring to meet the academic needs of undergraduate students in many of the introductory level courses, as well as some of the upper-level courses. The peer tutoring program is FREE and open to all currently enrolled Rutgers University students. The tutoring is available in two formats:

Walk-In Tutoring - No Appointment is Necessary During Scheduled Hours:

During the fall, spring and summer session semesters, the RLCs offer subject-specific tutoring to assist Rutgers students with their coursework. This free service is coordinated by the Rutgers Learning Center staff. The RLCs seek to promote a collaborative academic environment where students, faculty, and tutors work together to enhance students' academic and personal growth. The tutoring program is not only for students who are having difficulty with the course material, but also for students who are looking to excel. All tutoring is done on a walk-in basis during the scheduled hours on each of the 4 New Brunswick Campuses. Students are welcome to stop in to any one of the 4 Learning Centers to meet with a tutor during any of the scheduled hours.

The walk-in group tutoring begins the first week of classes and ends the last day of classes. Limited tutoring is available during the reading days and finals based upon tutor availability. Tutoring is available on each of the 4 New Brunswick Campuses: Busch, College Avenue, Cook/Douglass and Livingston.

The Peer Tutors: The RLC tutors are Rutgers undergraduate and occasionally graduate students who have previously taken the course being tutored and have earned a grade of A or B+. The tutors understand the challenges of the course and are eager to share what they have learned to help you to do well in the course. All tutors receive on-going training both in best current tutoring practices and on tutoring strategies relevant to their tutoring discipline.

Tutoring Subjects: Accounting, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Languages, Mathematics, Psychology, Sciences, Statistics.

One-on-One Tutoring (SAS):

The One-on-One Tutoring Program is administered by the staff and students of the SAS Honors Program and hosted by the RLCs at each of the 4 New Brunswick Learning Centers. SAS Honors' students volunteer their time weekly to provide individualized tutoring to students seeking tutoring beyond the group tutoring format. Subjects tutored vary by semester based upon the subjects offered by the student volunteers. Students are required to sign up 1 week in advance. Sessions per subject are limited to 1 hour per week. Tutoring usually begins the 3rd week of the start of the current semester and ends the last week of classes. The program is available during the fall and spring semesters only.

Training: RLC tutors can view the training schedule and sign up for training using the student request form.

Writing Assistance:

This program supports writers in a variety of disciplines and a range of courses, including expository writing and basic composition. Coaches meet individually with students about:

While coaches do not proofread or edit papers, they do provide feedback and suggestions on how to write concise, sentences, coherent paragraphs, and a well-organized paper. Coaches also work with non-native speakers of English.

Appointments are scheduled for one hour.

Academic Coaching:

Academic coaching is a comprehensive service for students who want to improve their academic and self-management skills, such as time management, organization and study skills. The Rutgers Learning Centers offer this support to help students achieve their academic goals along with self-advocacy and independent, life-long learning. The content and structure of each individual coaching session is determined collaboratively by the student and the coach to identify the student's unique learning strengths, develop individual plans for academic support, and promote self-confidence and independence. Any student enrolled at Rutgers University is eligible to participate in this program. All sessions are conducted by appointment or during open office hours and are confidential. Academic coaches will meet one-on-one to help you...

  • conquer procrastination.
  • prepare for exams.
  • get organized.
  • study more effectively.
  • read more effectively.
  • and more!

Schedule a one-on-one appointment by calling 848-445-0986.

Visit their blog for study tips, time management strategies, and more!

Learning Assistant Program:

This innovative new program engages undergraduates in classroom teaching and learning while helping them develop their teaching, leadership, and interpersonal skills.

The RU LA program is a partnership between the Rutgers Learning Centers (RLC), the Math and Science Learning Center (MSLC), and several science departments. The program is modeled after a similar program developed at the University of Colorado.

Learning assistants assist in the classroom in several ways, including acting as facilitators for supplemental study groups, team teaching recitation sections with a graduate teaching assistant, or facilitating discussions and workshops during lectures.

During their first semester, LAs co-enroll in a three-credit pedagogy course (Peer Instruction Education), attend weekly staff meetings associated with their course assignment, and participate in professional development trainings offered by the RLCs. Each following semester that they participate, LAs continue to attend staff meetings and professional development programs.

Learning assistants are paid a stipend of $1,125 - $1,500 each semester they participate in the LA Program.

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