Amarel website

Amarel is a shared community-owned advanced computing environment available to any investigator or student with projects requiring research computing resources. The model is distinguished by a set of uniform technical and policy elements that, while sufficiently flexible to support the degree of heterogeneity inherent in the Rutgers environment, affords a level of standardization that greatly simplifies management procedures, troubleshooting, and provides a more seamless user experience. The Amarel cluster replaced, which was decommissioned in 2019.

In July 2017, the Office of Advanced Research Computing unveiled Amarel, a “condominium” style computing environment developed to serve the university’s wide-ranging research needs.  The Amarel cluster provides a shared platform that optimizes resources for the benefit of all users.  Named in honor of Dr. Saul Amarel, one of the founders of the Rutgers Computer Science Department and contributor to advanced computing and artificial intelligence research and methodologies, Amarel is designed to suit many different research applications.

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