Ph.D. Students

Aparicio, Rachel

Sexuality, popular culture, and the historically and discursively constituted body.

Aziz, Adam

French-Arab studies; Queer Muslims of color in Europe and North America; Islam, gender, and sexuality; Islam in France; Queer of color immigration and sexual politics; Colonization, memory, and historiography in France and North Africa; 20th and 21st century Arabophone and Francophone literature, art, music, and film; Transnational feminist, queer, and trans of color movements in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and France; Decolonizing queer studies; Decolonizing pedagogy in higher education

Belliard-Quiroga, Camila

Decolonial Latinxs Caribbean Studies; Racism and the Nation-State; Black Feminism theories; Sexual Tourism; Caribbean Diaspora Identities; Migration and Borders; Sexual Trafficking; Gender based Violence; Dance and performance studies; Anticolonial spirituality/medicine.

Brager, JB

Visual Studies, Critical Ethnic Studies, Black Studies, Feminist Theory, Media Studies 

Cantrell, Amber

Fat studies, disability studies.

Caravantes-Gonzalez, Paloma

Gender and political parties; masculinities; populism; anti-austerity and grassroots movements.

Carson, Tyler

Feminist, Queer, & Postcolonial Theory; Psychoanalysis; Postmodernism, & Poststructuralism; Contemplative Studies; Social & Political Philosophy; Aesthetics

Dudzak, Lauren

Women’s economic rights, social justice, collective bargaining, women’s advancement in work and education, and access to higher education.

Galán, Susana

Affect/Emotion; Feminist Geographies; Critical Urban Studies; Social Movements

Galis-Menéndez, Silvia

 Diaspora studies, temporalities, cultural production, borders, world-making.

Gossett, Che

Queer necropolitics, prison abolition, (anti)blackness, Palestinian solidarity. 

Gray, Katherine

Film studies, queer theory, transnational theory. 

Haziz-Ginsberg, Amanda

Human rights discourse, responsibilitization, technologies of the self, state-making, securitization, ethical-self fashioning.

Moumneh, Rasha

Nationalism and state-building; Law, gender, and citizenship; critical refugee studies; queer and feminist transnational organizing; international human rights regimes; social and labor movements; the Middle East.

Orsak, Sarah

Disability Studies, Medical Humanities, First-person narratives, Archiving.

Otasevic, Snezana

Philosophy, contemporary feminist theory, dance, and disability studies.

Perryman, Sara

Affect, animality, architecture, and critical geography.

Pivazyan, Arev

Nation building, citizenship and identity, human rights discourses, queer theory, transgender studies, the Caucasus and the Eastern Mediterranean. 

Rossiter, Jacqueline

 Feminist science and technology studies, new materialisms, subject formation, and queer theory.

Salazar, Jillian 

Sexual violence, Critical disability studies, Sexuality, Trauma studies.

Sandler, Kathe

Visual culture, race, filmmaking, feminist theory.

Sherman, Zandi

Negotiations of identity and belonging in the queer African diaspora. 

Smith, Alexandria

Women writers of the African Diaspora, international economic relationships, academia and popular culture.

Tam, Louise

Critical race and ethnic studies; political economy of disability; history of psychiatry; social organization of mental health services; institutional ethnography; mental health evidence in Canadian immigration law; Canadian settler colonialism, multiculturalism, and public health.

Tola, Miriam

Autonomist theories of the common and current debates about matter, nature and life developed in the fields of feminist theory, science and technology studies and decolonial thought.

Valentin, Alessa

Feminist media; media literacy; animated cartoons and video games; gender identity, sexual orientation, race, class, size and ability in popular culture.

Velazquez, Anel Mendez

"Third World" feminist and queer theories and movements, cultural theory, critical theory, Puerto Rican and Caribbean studies.

Vilchez, Jennifer

Visual Culture; Critical Race Studies; Latinx Studies; Decolonial Thought; Psychoanalysis; Sexuality  

Wade, Ashleigh

Black girlhood; Black feminist theory; Media studies; Digital humanities

Whitmore, Lindsey

Critical addiction studies, discourses and practices of care, queer studies, critical geography.

Wolfe, Taida

Intersection of race, class, gender in reproductive experiences. 

Zaslow, Rachel

Narratives of women's health in Northern Uganda and issues of representation in humanitarian aid.