Snezana Otasevic finished her undergraduate studies in philosophy in Belgrade, Serbia. For several years, she worked as a philosophy teacher at high schools and as a translator. During that time, she translated Routledge's History of Philosophy vol. 2 From Augustine to Aristotle and edited the translation of Hannah Arendt's The Life of the Mind. She entered the PhD Culture and Media Studies program in Belgrade, where she worked as a researcher on the project Gender Equality and Cultural Citizenship. In 2011, she came to the Rutgers' Women's and Gender Studies Program as an exchange student. The following year, she enrolled in the Women's and Gender Studies PhD Program. Her broader fields of interest are philosophy, feminist theory, dance, and disability studies. Within those fields, she is particularly interested in exploration of space, time, movement, and affect. Recently she is focusing on the 19th century medical concept of monstrosity and the ways in which 'form' and 'deformed' reproduce (and are them selves reproduced) within affective economies.