• Research Interests: Using a feminist lens, exploring domestic and international Gender Based Violence rooted in Politics/laws; Religion, Patriarchy and White Supremacy.
  • Education: 1986 Bachelors of Science in Nursing Queens' University, Canada
  • Committee: Julie Rajan (Chair), Charlotte Bunch, Brittney Cooper
  • Thesis/Practicum: Practicum: “Transforming Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Advocacy Training through the Framework of Intersectionality, in Mercer County, New Jersey."


I first became interested in Gender-Based Violence 35 years ago as a young nurse in the ICU, my patient had been thrown from her moving car by her husband. Police investigators at that time were aware of multiple instances of domestic violence but it was not until he had harmed her so gravely that the law and custom allowed them to pursue him in any meaningful way. She died from her injuries. Since that time I have worked independently to understand the complexity of GBV. I have worked for the past several years as a volunteer victims’ advocate with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, and more recently as a court advocate for domestic violence survivors. Also in these intervening years, advocate for domestic violence survivors. Also in these intervening years, I have lived in 2 other countries, raised a family, helped found a school, taken classes in the W&GS department, and worked in a variety of philanthropic roles.