• Committee: Joanna Regulska, Charlotte Bunch, Jennifer Jones
  • Post-MA Employment/Education: Founder and Director, New Woman Foundation, Cairo, Egypt
  • Thesis/Practicum: Practicum: Women's Studies
Amal Abou Halika is a feminist and human rights activist from Egypt. She is a member of the Sterring Committee of the Arab regional Coalition "Equality Without Reservation" oN CEDAW and the planning committee of Musawah (Equality and Justice in the Muslim Family). She has published and conducted extensive research and advocacy in the field ofwomen's rights, particularly with regard to reproductiev health, violence against women, and female genital mutilation. She served on a number of international and regional boards and coalitions, and is a founding member of the New Woman Foundation, the Task Force Against Female Genital Mutilation, and the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights.