• Committee: Julie Rajan
  • Thesis/Practicum: Gender, Women's Liberation, and the Nation-State: A Study of the Chinese Opera 'The White-Haired Girl'

As an undergraduate, Bo Jia majored in History. This not only taught her how to properly analyze facts and increased her knowledge, but it also painted a historical map of the many ups and downs that various countries' women's liberation movements had to navigate through. With her understanding of Gender Studies, she wrote a series of related papers. She also enrolled in a 3-month course at Peking University on Gender Studies, which made her realize that the common knowledge about gender is often misconstrued, as it is a very complex issue. Furthermore, in order to broaden her horizon in the current status of Women's Studies, she has done her internship in Dalian Women’s Studies Institute from July to Sept. 2009. After she graduated, she worked in Dalian Women’s Studies Institute from Sept. 2010 to Jan. 2011, which gave her the opportunity to understand the development process of Women’s Studies.