• Research Interests: Fat studies, disability studies.
  • Education: B.A., Women's and Gender Studies, College of Charleston, 2013.


Amber is a recent graduate of the College of Charleston with a BA in Women's and Gender Studies. Amber's current research examines the intersection of fat studies and disability studies through a feminist disability studies framework. Her senior thesis project (2012-2013) focused on the meaning of fatness and the figure of the fat lady in the nineteenth century American freak show and the cultural transition to modern spectacles of the fat figure, with a focus on the reality television show The Biggest Loser. Amber is interested in the practical applications of her research in various kinds of institutional policies, and is regularly irritated by news of various policies, from elementary schools to insurance companies, that police the fat body. Although her primary research interests revolve around fatness and disability, Amber also can be found reading romance novels, fan-fiction, and young adult novels in her spare time and dreaming up new research projects that allow her to ship Kirk and Spock as part of her academic career.