• Research Interests: Intersection of environmental, economical and political issues impacting female sexuality within society. Kelle is also interested in examining transgender/gender non-conforming issues in relation to their revolutionary role in undermining sexism by dismantling traditional gender roles/norms.
  • Committee: Co-Chairs Julie Rajan, Melinda Mangin, Sarah Tobias, Nikol Alexander-Floyd
  • Thesis/Practicum: Thesis “Access Denied: The Case for Inclusive Sex Education for Special Education Students”

A graduate of William Paterson University in 2013, with a BA in Women’s and Gender Studies and Anthropology and a minor in Health Studies. In their year off, she continued to pursue activism by volunteering as a domestic violence victim advocate and also interned with a NYC non-profit organization called Re-Gender (formerly known as The National Council for Research on Women). In their spare time Kelle enjoys practicing martial arts, cooking, and riding her bicycle. Kelle is elated to be returning to academia, where they ultimately hope to remain, as they aspire to be a college professor.