MA Alumni Listing

Wojtowicz, Kaitlyn

  • Committee: Mary Trigg, Judith Gerson, Thea Abu El-Haj
  • Post-MA Employment/Education: Sexual Health Education Specialist,
  • Thesis/Practicum: Thesis: The Construction of an Anti-Feminist Pedagogy in an Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage Curriculum
  • RU Core Link:

Kaitlyn received a B.A. in English and Women's and Gender Studies from The College of New Jersey. She is interested in issues of sex, sexuality, intersectionality, popular culture and looking at the world through a feminist lens. Kaitlyn is currently the Sexual Health Education Specialist at Answer’s teen website As the Sexual Health Education Specialist, Kaitlyn coordinates timely, medically-accurate, compelling content and works to add new educational features. She also works with the Sex, Etc. magazine’s teen editorial staff.