MA Alumni Listing

Singh, Jasleen

  • Education: Graduated from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor and received her BA in Psychology/Bio from Stony Brook University SUNY.
  • Committee: Jasbir Puar, Julie Rajan, Carlos Decena, and Sylvia Chan-Malik
  • Post-MA Employment/Education: Jasleen is currently pursuing a doctorate in American Culture at the University of Michigan, where she plans to expand upon this research.
  • Thesis/Practicum: Thesis entitled, “Sikh Queer Community Navigates Invisibility as the ‘Terrorist-Monster.’”
  • Dissertation: Her thesis explores certain dynamics that complicate the understanding of how Sikh queer groups relate to feminist and queer spaces within mainstream North American and the South Asian diaspora. Due to their racial, ethnic, and sexual differences from those groups, Sikh queer groups tend to be marginalized within mainstream and South Asian queer spaces. Jasleen’s research looks at the multiple aspects of this marginalization, including how the religious identity of queer Sikhs has complicated even further their agencies, especially in light of negative projections of the Sikh mainstream community as the “terrorist-monster” Other in the post-9/11 era.