MA Alumni Listing

Transue, Laura

  • Education: BA from Cornell University
  • Job Placement: Laura currently works at iTV Studios, providing video production services at Rutgers University and designing workforce readiness opportunities for undergraduate media students. She also continues to develop and support independent film and digital media productions. Laura is currently teaching an undergraduate course, Capstone in Gender & Media at Women’s & Gender Studies.
  • Committee: Mary Hawkesworth, Harriet Davidson, and Ethel Brooks
  • Thesis/Practicum: “Inclusion as Innovation and Innovating Towards Inclusion: Lessons from the Making of a Short, Feminist Documentary Film.”
  • Dissertation: For her Practicum, Laura worked on the set of the short documentary film project entitled, ‘From the Boardinghouse to the Boardroom: 250 Years of Women at Rutgers,’ which was directed by documentary filmmaker June Cross. The film was produced by the Institute for Women’s Leadership as part of Rutgers University’s 250th anniversary celebrations to acknowledge the legacy of women in shaping the institution’s history and the revolutionary struggles these groups fought. While working on the film, Laura pondered unique challenges and adverse conditions of feminist filmmaking and (feminist) film education that had not previously been clear to her. Her inquiries about these adverse conditions led her to think about how they are worth articulating as they may resonate with common threads across feminist and women-centric media. Examining these phenomena, she concluded, would allow feminists to strategize around and/or through them, for example.