• Stull, Ryleigh
  • Research Interests: Queer family formation; queer-inclusive health care; Health care stigma; Assisted reproductive technology; Bioethics
  • Education: 2020 - B.S. in Gender and Health, Neuroscience University of Michigan - Ann Arbor






I aim to conduct research on queer family formation, specifically looking at barriers to assisted reproductive technology and adoption including stigma among healthcare practitioners, insurance limitations, and social views of pregnancy and parenthood. I hope to look the intersection of these barriers and what impact they may have on the decisions LGBTQ+ individuals make about forming their own families. I would like to specifically focus on the family formation process for lesbians and non-binary individuals given all of the aforementioned barriers they may face.

I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan and attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor for my Bachelor's degree. While completing my undergraduate education there, I was involved in the Women's Organization on Rights to Health in a focus group examining inclusive and comprehensive sex education. I volunteered at Michigan Medicine in the Women's Health Resource Center and worked as a peer facilitator in the Science Learning Center at the University of Michigan. I am an avid reader in my free time, and I enjoy anything from modern literary fiction to journal articles about queer reproductive health care.