• Aufrichtig, Erin
  • Research Interests: Undervaluing of women's work; Sexual violence in universities; Women's mental health; Sociology of reproduction; LGBTQ history in NYC
  • Education: 2021- BA in Sociology- Binghamton University







Erin Aufrichtig (she/her/hers) passions involve supporting communities in need and combatting the oppressive structures that create and uphold inequity and disparity. I hope to make a career out of helping and supporting others. On the side I'm a vocal coach, and I love to sing, learn how to play new instruments, and create body positive art. I'm also a barista and the social media representative at a non profit organization!

My research interests vary greatly, but I'm most passionate about exploring the undervaluing of women's work both in and out of the work force, and the history of the social structures that developed this undervaluing. I am also very interested in researching the way these oppressive societal structures impact women's mental health. I also have research experience in police violence against women of color, sexual violence in universities, and LGBTQ history in New York City, and hope to continue exploring these issues.