• Ronga-Rubin, Sadie
  • Research Interests: Queer Theory & Transgender Studies; Transgender Poetics & Memoirs; Biopolitics; French Philosophy; Affect Studies; Critical Theory; Kinship Studies; Queer Trauma Healing and Healing Through the Arts
  • Education: 2019, B.A. Pace University WGS Major and Queer Studies Minor




Sadie Ronga-Rubin is a nonbinary survivor of violence committed to praxis that centers the voices of other trans survivors. During their time at Rutgers Sadie hopes to continue exploring queer, feminist, theoretical analysis in the areas of violence studies, social difference theory and French philosophy through a lens of Queer Theory. In their research they investigate trans literature and trans poetics as a source for rewriting corporeal narratives about transgender and gender-nonconforming bodies subjected to sexual violence.

They are a New Jersey native. When Sadie isn’t immersed in theory they can be found baking vegan desserts.

Preferred Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs