M.A., Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley (Comparative Literature)

B.A., Stanford University (English)

Research Interests

Modern French and Francophone poetry; Maghrebi Literature in French and Arabic; Classical, Andalusian and Modern Arabic poetry; Classical Chinese poetry; Korean poetry.

Biographical Notes

Professor Serrano's current research projects in Arabic Literature include a compilation and translation of the seventh-century poet Jamil's diwan and a study of the relationship between poetry in Egyptian and Tunisian protest movements and Classical Arabic tropes of complaint.  In East Asian Literatures he is conducting research on women and eighteenth-century poetry in China and Korea (which also involves a great deal of translation). Projected research projects include a study of the intersection of Chinese and Arab cultures with music, art and literature in Hapsburg Vienna; resituating contemporary poetry of the Maghreb in a Mediterranean (rather than a "postcolonial") context, which entails the work of poets from Spain, France, Italy, Egypt, Lebanon and eventually Greece, Turkey, Israel (and perhaps even Albania and Croatia).  A study that somehow combines a teasing-out of literary relations between Argentina and France in the nineteenth century along with an exploration of regional music and dance of Argentina is also forming.

Selected Publications

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Other Publications:

  • "Reading the Alhambra." Visible Writings. Cultures, Forms, Readings. Ed. Marija Dalbello and Mary Shaw. New Brunswick: Rutgers University PRess, 2011, 293-303.
  • “Beyond the Length of an Average Penis: Reading across Traditions in the Poetry of Timothy Liu.”  Form and Transformation in Asian American Literature.  Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2005,190-208.
  • "Makhali-Phal: Cambodian Dancing Girl at the Francophone Epicenter." Special issue, Literature and Society in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands, (Journal of Commonwealth and Post-colonial Studies 7:2, Fall 2001, pp. 7-32).
  • "Calixthe Beyala: Griotte Postmoderne ou Plagiaire?" Nouvelles écritures francophones: Vers un nouveau baroque? (Montréal: Presses Universitaires de Montréal, 2001, 338-346).
  • "Translation and the Interlingual Text in the Novels of Rachid Boudjedra." Maghrebian Mosaic: A Literature in Transition. (Ed. Mildred Mortimer. Boulder: Lynne Rienner, 2000, 27-40).
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  • "Translation and the Interlingual Text in the Novels of Rachid Boudjedra". In Critical Perspectives on Maghrebian Literature. (Ed. Mildred Mortimer. Boulder: Lynne Rienner. Spring 2000).
  • "Fans, Silks, and Ptyx: Mallarmé and Classical Chinese Poetry." Comparative Literature 50.3. (Summer 1998, 220-241).
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  • Translation of Abu Nuwas' "Drunkenness After Drunkenness." Literatures of Asia, Africa and Latin America. From Antiquity to the Present. (Ed. Willis Barnstone & Tony Barnstone. Prentice Hall, 1995, 1010-1011).

Courses Offered

Graduate Courses:

  • Islam and the Text in Franchophone Literature of the Magreb
  • Poetry
  • Césaire, Damas and Senghor
  • French and Francophone Poetry
  • Genre and the Algerian War
  • Francophone Literature and the Imperative of History
  • Postcolonial Writer/Postmodern Condition

Undergraduate Courses:

  • Past Today: Why Conflicts Endure (An SAS Signature Course)
  • Rilke
  • Poetry
  • North African Literature in French
  • Modern Poetry
  • Introduction to Francophone Poetry
  • Multiple Cultures of the Maghreb
  • Introduction to World Literature
  • Fin-de-siècle France and the Far East
  • Introduction à la poésie francophone
  • Remembering and Queer Literature
  • Lyric Poetry in Comparative Context
  • Aspects of French Literature
  • Advanced Grammar and Composition
  • Représentations de la famille dans la littérature maghrébine d'expression française