Graduate Faculty

Maldonado-Torres, Nelson

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  • Associate Professor
  • Department: Department of Latino and Caribbean Studies
  • Email:
  • Tel: : 848-445-4228
  • Office: Lucy Stone Hall, Rm. A-260

Research Interests

Professor Maldonado-Torres is currently working on a book-length project entitled Fanonian Meditations, which aims to spell out the epistemological basis of "ethnic studies" and related areas, as well as examine the relevance of decolonization at the epistemological, ethical, and political levels.  It continues the reflection on decolonial ethics and epistemology in his previous book, Against War, by looking at the work of a variety of intellectuals from the Third World and elsewhere.  Professor Maldonado-Torres is particularly interested in the crossings of different genealogies of thinking, and their appearance in different genres of writing, discourses, artistic expressions, and social movements.