Graduate Faculty

Flieger, Jerry







B.A., University of Wisconsin, Madison

M.A. & Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Research Interest

20th century and contemporary literature and theory, gender studies, psychoanalytic literary theory; millennial theory (Deleuze, Lyotard, Baudrillard, Vattimo, Virilio); the aesthetics of changing technological, scientific, and cultural paradigms.

Biographical Notes

For the past several years, Professor Flieger has been lecturing and teaching worldwide, as part of her research on globalism and millennial theory. In 1995 and 1996, she was keynote speaker at the University of Nanjing and the University of Beijing in the People's Republic of China and at Cyberconf 96, the international conference on new media sponsored by Telefonica. In 1997, she taught seminars at the University of Cape Town and Rhodes University in South Africa and at the Janos Pannonius and Svegad Universities in Hungary, and lectured in Rio de Janiero, Brazil (Sociedad Psychanlica Internacional). In 2000, she spent a semester at the University of Melbourne (Australia) as Distinguished Visitor; gave a series of public lectures at the India Institute of Technology in New Delhi; lectured in Japan at Kyoto University and the University of Yokahama as well as at the Institute for Media Arts and Sciences; and at the Harvard Center for Cultural Studies, Lacan faculty, and analyst seminar. This year, she is participating in an ongoing seminar at Cornell Medical School, New York City, History of Psychiatry Division. She has just completed a term as Chair of the MLA National Division of Psychoanalytic Approaches to Literature.

Selected Publications

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“Has Oedipus Signed Off?: Zizek on the Cyberfield” Special issue on Zizek: Para-graph (Oxford University Press), July 2001.

“Becoming-Woman: Deleuze and the Molecular Unconscious” in Deleuze and Feminist Theory, Ian Buchanan and Claire Colebrook, eds. (Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, 2000).

“Overdetermined Oedipus: Mommy, Daddy and Me as Desiring-Machine” in A Deleuzian Century (London and Raleigh, Duke University Press, 1999).

“The Listening Eye: Paranoia and Postmodernism” Diacritics 1997.

“Skewing the Subject: Lacan and Paranoid Knowledge” New Literary History 1997.

“Overdetermined Oedipus”, South Atlantic Quarterly, 1997

Courses Offered

Graduate Courses:

    Introduction to Theory

    Literary Freud

    Literary Lacan

    Critical Theory

    Psychoanalysis and Literature

    Millennial Theory


    French Women Writers

    Myth and Modernity

    Foucault (with R. Lockwood)

Undergraduate Courses:

    Surrealism, Myth, and Modernity, Gender

    Myth and Modernity: Senior Seminar

    20th-Century Theater

    20th-Century Women Writers

    Advanced Grammar and Composition

    Women, Culture and Society


    Psychoanalysis and Literature

    Introduction to Theory

    Postmodernism and Millennialism