Vilchez, Jennifer


Research Interests

Jennifer’s research focuses on visual representations of Latinas in film and television and their affects on producing Latina identity and subject formations off screen. She is informed and inspired by the decolonial approaches of Gloria Anzaldúa, Frantz Fanon, and Maria Lugones. In doing this work, she also considers the relationship pop culture products have with socio-political discourses in the US around identity, sexuality, and citizenship.

Biographical Notes

Jennifer grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Before coming to Rutgers, she studied and worked in Spain, Hungary, and Serbia, places that have all deeply influenced her ways of seeing and knowing. She lives with her magical black cat, Cousteau, enjoys binge-watching TV series, and listening to true crime podcasts. 


European Commission Erasmus Mundus Programme Category A Scholarship 2012
Ronald E. McNair Undergraduate Research Scholarship 2008
UC Berkeley Incentive Awards Scholarship 2004