Ameena Qobrtay

Rutgers Student Fuses Passion for Women’s Studies with Energy for Daily Journalism

Written by John Chadwick | SAS Senior Writer

Ameena Qobrtay's double major at Rutgers University puts her on the cusp of contemporary thought while laying the foundation for a career as a writer, scholar, or critic.

A School of Arts and Sciences junior, Qobrtay is majoring in women’s and gender studies, and journalism and media studies. Her work at The Daily Targum shows how those two majors can work together as a singular calling.

Journalism is my profession, and women’s and gender studies is my passion As features editor at the Targum, Qobrtay sets the tone for the buzzy Inside Beat section, where recent stories have included a rundown on newly elected LGBTQ officials, an analysis of how the Harry Styles Vogue cover challenges gender stereotypes, and a profile of Jill Biden.

Qobrtay’s own bylined stories, meanwhile, offer an edgy, feminist take on some of the most talked-about stories, from pop culture to politics. She defended the singer Lizzo against fat shaming, criticized actress Bela Thorne for actions on social media that potentially jeopardized sex workers, and suggested that Democrats are being hypocritical for not taking seriously the accusations against Joe Biden by Tara Reade.

“Women’s and gender studies gives you a framework for looking at the world,” Qobrtay says. “And that definitely shows in my writing.”

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