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Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1975

Research Interests

Professor Roden's work has focused mainly on the history of education in modern Japan, especially preparatory schools for the Imperial Universities.  He is also interested in problems related to gender and culture in late nineteenth and early twentieth century Japan.

Selected Publications

  • Schooldays in Imperial Japan: A Study in the Culture of a Student Elite (University of California, 1980)
  • “Baseball and the Quest for National Dignity in Meiji Japan,” AHR (June 1980)
  • “Taisho Culture and the Problem of Gender Ambivalence” in Thomas Rimer, ed, Culture and Identity (Princeton University Press, 1990)
  • “Thoughts on the Early Meiji Gentleman” in Barbara Molony and Kathleen Uno, eds., Gendering Modern Japanese History (Harvard, 2005).

Courses Offered

  • 508:352  Japan’s Rise to World Power
  • 508:450  Society and Culture  in Japan
  • 506:112  Patterns in Civilization: Love (with Rudolph Bell)
  • 506:113  Patterns in Civilization: Death (with Rudolph Bell)
  • 506:401  History Seminar: Gender and Culture in Japan

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