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Women in Leadership
Naomi Klein
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Welcome to the Department of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

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  • 01:988:395 Race, Gender, Media, and the Law (3)

    Considers relationship between gender, law, and race in contemporary popular and political culture. Addresses impact of rise in televised court cases on perceptions of legal system and in stimulating public debates about justice. Prerequisite: 01:988:101 or 235 or 201 or 202.

  • 01:988:396 Topics in Women's and Gender Studies (3)

    Selected topics in women's and gender studies. Topics vary each semester. Consult department.

  • 01:988:396:01 Topics in Women's and Gender Studies - Philosophical Issues in Feminism (3)

  • 01:988:396:02 Topics in Women's and Gender Studies - Writing for Social Change (3)

    The best of opinion writing compels the reader to reconsider deeply held notions and it moves audiences toward agitating for social change. Now, more than ever, those of us who write for the public must direct our energies to advocating for what we believe to be good and right. We must also consider the ethical implications of the work we do. It is not all that hard to write persuasively, but it is—as it should be—challenging to write persuasively without manipulating, misleading or misinforming your audience(s).

    We are living in challenging times. We are not the first generations to do so but many of the problems we are dealing with are unique to the 21st century. Democracy is facing unprecedented threats and an ever-growing political divide has created a contentious political climate that is incredibly fraught for marginalized communities. Global warming is altering the way and where we live, faster and more severely than we ever thought possible while a shocking number of people deny global warming even exists. Advocating for civil rights is branded as “identity politics,” by an entire political class that seeks to rule by theocratic and a very selective populism. The very idea of truth is being willfully eroded by those who are best served by falsehoods. Now, more than ever, we have to write toward social change, ensuring that as many people as possible are allowed to live freely, in unlegislated bodies. This is to say, that writing for social change is a creative act. It is a political act. It is a necessary act.

    In this writing workshop we will explore what it means to write for social change, how to do so ethically and effectively, how to write with nuance about complex issues, how to reach multiple audiences, and how to write in ways that acknowledge multiple, divergent viewpoints. This is a reading and writing intensive course and will be taught in a hybrid format, sometimes in person, on campus and sometimes online, via Zoom.

  • 01:988:397 Freud and Feminism I--Sexuality (3)

    Introduces Freudian concepts, methods and terminology, and the corresponding issues and debates in feminist theory.

  • 01:988:398 Freud and Feminism II--The Unconscious (3)

    Examines Freud's account of the unconscious and its relevance to theories of subjectivity, especially to feminist theory and antiracist theory.

  • 01:988:399 CESEP (1)

    Community service placement in women's and gender studies. Corequisite: Must be taken in conjunction with a designated CESEP (Civic Engagement and Service Education Partnerships) course offered in the women's and gender studies program.

  • 01:988:405 Gender and Human Rights (3)

    Examines history and discourse of women's human rights; uses of humanitarian law in wartime; issues of gender-based violence, health, and sexuality.

    Prerequisite: 01:988:101 or 235 or permission of instructor.

  • 01:988:406 Women, Work, and Social Change (3)

    Study of problems faced by women working in industry, unions, the home, and professions in light of modern agitation and social trends; analysis of sex-differentiated occupations, legislation, and service roles with attention to biological, psychological, and social differences between the sexes.

  • 01:988:407 Women’s Global Health Movements (3)

    Politics and structure of global women's health movements. Relationship between health and phenomena such as international politics, globalization, economic policy, and conflict and war.

  • 01:988:408 Gender, Economic Inequality & Health (3)

    Examines how resource distribution shapes health risk, access to health care, and clinical outcomes. Relationship of gender, class, race, sexuality, and nation to health.

  • 01:988:409 Gender, Environmental Justice & Health (3)

    Examines women's health in relationship to contradictions between capitalist growth and resource exhaustion. Health consequences of environmental crises linked to new markets and technologies.

  • 01:988:410 Debt, Crisis, and Women's Health (3)

    *Explores relationship between debt and economic crisis; examines impact of austerity policies on women's health in various nations.

  • 01:988:412 Global Food Politics: Health Consequences (3)

    Investigates shifting modes of food production, distribution, diet, and health. Compares consequences of changes for women in global North with women in global South.

  • 01:988:413 The Global Pharmaceutical Economy & Health (3)

    Explores aspects of pharmaceutical industry. Analyzes burdens and benefits of drug research and development on different populations.

  • 01:988:414 Care Work (3)

    Overview of "care economy." Explores recent efforts to heighten its profit-making potential; considers long-term implications of efforts to deskill and outsource care work.

  • 01:988:416 Women's Global Health: Special Topics (3)

    *Topic varies with instructor. The requirements for the course would be the equivalent of any 400-level course in the department.

  • 01:988:420,421 Women's Global Health Internship (3,3)

    RN Response Network provides medical assistance in the context of natural disasters wherever they may occur. This internship placement involves 150-180 hours of professional work with RN Response Network in conjunction with a research paper that links this professional experience with relevant academic work on humanitarian intervention.

  • 01:988:422 Internship in Women's and Gender Studies (3)

    Students work in organizations related to women's and gender studies. Supervision by assigned staff at the placement. Paper, student journal, and assessment of work performed at placement required. Permission of undergraduate director required.

  • 01:988:425 Internship in Women's and Gender Studies (6)

    Interns work in organizations related to women's and gender studies. Supervision by assigned staff at the placement site. Seminar, student journal, paper, and assessment of work experience required.
    Prerequisite: 01:988:301 or 302 or 303. Permission of undergraduate director required.







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