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Women in Leadership
Naomi Klein
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Welcome to the Department of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

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  • 01:988:220 Religion and Reproduction: Jewish and Christian Experiences (3)

    This course explores the intersection of religion and reproduction in the United States. During the semester we will focus primarily on pronatalism and abortion as two key aspects of reproduction. For each of these issues we will focus on how Jews and Christians, as well as Judaism and Christianity, in the US understand these issues, and wrestle with them internally. A few themes will continually arise: how religious ideas about kinship, women’s sexuality, and concern for demographic continuance are applied through forms of reproduction and reproductive interruption. Gender and religion will form the two primary modes of analysis for the study of reproduction. At the end of the semester we will also consider how class and race shape reproductive ideas and practices in the US.

  • 01:988:232 Women Writer's of South Asia (3)

  • 01:988:235 Dynamics of Class, Race, and Sex (3)

    Examination of dynamics of, and connections among, classism, racism, and sexism in contemporary American society; ways they influence and are influenced by the structure of society at large; their effect on individuals; and strategies for personal and social change.

  • 01:988:240 Gender and Science (3)

    Role of gender, race, and class in production and use of scientific and medical knowledge. Impact of gender bias on research in the life, physical, and social sciences.


  • 01:988:250 Feminist Perspectives (3)

    Feminist examination of significant contemporary issues. The issue chosen will vary each year. Students should check the department's website for information. Issues to be considered include war, trafficking, poverty, environment, migration, globalization, and religion.

  • 01:988:252 Mentoring, Leadership, and Young Women's Lives (3)

    Feminist theory, model, and practice of mentoring. Topics include definitions and history of mentoring; personal narratives and mentoring practices; and mentoring women's leadership for social change.

  • 01:988:255 Gender, Art, and Society (3)

    Women artists, their achievements, and impact. Social and cultural reasons for their neglect in the visual arts and how that neglect is being remedied today. Different ways in which men and women are depicted in art and how those differences relate to culture and society.Please note that this is an online course.

  • 01:988:257 Gender and the Body: Representation and Pornography (3)

    Examination of representations of gendered bodies in art, sexuality, gender, politics, and pornography. Examines how to understand who defines what is obscene and why some work is called pornography.

  • 01:988:258 Gender, Race, and Contemporary Art (3)

    Intersection of gender and race in contemporary American art. Black and white racial politics in relation to gender and contemporary art in the United States. Special focus on African-American artists.


  • 01:988:259 Homosexuality and Visual Culture (3)

    Central role of homosexuality and homoeroticism in visual culture in the distant and recent past as well as the present. Marginalization of homosexual artists, critics, and patrons despite direct participation in cultural production of art and popular culture.

  • 01:988:260 The Modern Girl (3)

    Just after the end of the First World War, a new creature appeared on the streets of cities around the world. Her hair was short, as were her skirts. She smoked, wore lipstick, and went out dancing without a chaperone. No one knew what to make of her. To some, she was dangerous; to others, exciting. She was the flapper, garçonne, neue Frau, moga, modeng xiaojie, kallege ladki, la pelona: all terms for what we will call the “Modern Girl.” This course examines the so-called Modern Girl of the 1920's and 1930's, considering how she reflected—and helped to create—a new modern lifestyle. The Modern Girl was both a fictional creation and a flesh-and-blood creature. We will investigate “her” in her many manifestations, from fiction, film, and advertisements, to the sound of her heels clicking on actual city streets. This course will concentrate on the Modern Girl in Europe and the United States, but will also consider examples from Asia and Africa.

  • 01:988:270 War: Critical Perspectives (3)

    Critical examination of the nature, functions, and effects of war with particular attention to racialized and gendered dynamics of militarization, terrorism, counterterrorism, and genocide. Credit not given for both this course and 01:920:273.

  • 01:988:271 Immigrant States (3)

  • 01:988:280 Introduction to Critical Study of Masculinities (3)

    Interdisciplinary and comparative introduction to the study of masculinities in the United States. Includes social history, and analyses of contemporary national and international contexts.

  • 01:988:284 Feminist Knowledge Production (3)

    Investigation of how to study the complexity of women¿s, men¿s, and trans¿ lives in ways that take race, gender-power, ethnicity, class, and nationality seriously. Includes projects that use different techniques of knowledge production including qualitative methods.


  • 01:988:285 Lesbians and Gay Men and Society (3)

    Introduction to various disciplines' contributions to understanding the relationship of homosexuality, particularly lesbianism, to society. Includes a section on the political organization and recent theory coming out of the gay movement.

  • 01:988:290 Introduction to Critical Sexualities (3) 

    Introduction to the study of sexuality as well as sexual and gendered identity from multidisciplinary and historical perspectives. Includes U.S. and European approaches to sexology, legal regulation of sexual practices, and family formation.

  • 01:988:294 Topics in Women's and Gender Studies (1.5)

    Selected topics in women's and gender studies. Topics vary each term. Consult department.

  • 01:988:296 Topics in Women's and Gender Studies (1.5)

    Selected topics in women's and gender studies. Topics vary each term. Consult department.

  • 01:988:296:01 Topics in Women and Gender Studies - Gender and the Black Diaspora (1.5)







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