As interdisciplinary undertakings that cross the humanities and the social sciences, the graduate programs in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies prepare students to engage with and to create new forms of feminist knowledge and practice. The WGSS faculty and students combine theoretical and activist-oriented work that foregrounds social justice, especially with respect to gender, race, sexuality, and decoloniality. As emerging scholars, intellectuals, and activists enrolled at a Research 1 state university with a long commitment to feminist practices, our students benefit from the rich resources of the larger feminist community at Rutgers. This includes 25 Ph.D. students, 20 M.A. students, and over 40 Ph.D. students in other departments who are pursuing certificates in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. In addition, the many Rutgers institutes and centers devoted to feminist research -- the Institute for Women's Leadership, the Center for American Women and Politics, the Center for Women's Global Leadership, the Center for Women and Work and the Institute for Research on Women, among others -- enrich the opportunities for our students to gain practical skills and to broaden their knowledge of feminist research and politics.

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For the Ph.D. Program:

Professor Ed Cohen
Director of Graduate Program
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T / TH 3pm- 5pm
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For the BA/M.A. & M.A. Program:

Professor Julie Rajan
Master Program Director
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