• Instructor: Kyla Schuller
  • Course Delivery: W 23 1020 A - 0120

In this capstone to the Gender and Media minor, students will develop, discuss, produce and critique a project related to gender, media, and technology. Students will articulate and present the project in written and oral formats and will have the option to also (1) create an in-depth multimedia component to the project; 2) complete an internship; or 3) complete a service learning experience.

As a 400-level, seminar-style class, this course involves a great deal of participation, independent and self-directed work, and a large-scale project that is built throughout the semester. The capstone project will address a major problem, question, or issue of interest related to gender, media, and technology, preferably one rooted in the student's major discipline. We will workshop these products together and share internship and service learning experiences during class. All internship and service learning placements must be approved by the program’s internship coordinator by the end of Week Two, or the student must do the multimedia project option for the course.