• Instructor: Judy Gerson

Run as a workshop, this seminar offers students a semester to explore their own research questions and develop important and useful research skills. We start synchronously with six weeks of common readings and then turn to everyone’s own research projects. We’ll work collectively and proceed step-by-step to make sure every student will have a meaningful, hands-on, and manageable research experience. Your final project may take the form of a research proposal, a research paper, a zine, podcast, photo album, lecture, webinar, performance, etc. You’ll come away with skills that will enable you to think critically and produce new knowledge relevant both within and outside the academy. All students are truly welcome in this interdisciplinary course, which also fulfills a WGSS requirement. There are no prerequisites and no prior knowledge is necessary. Any questions or need more information, please contact Professor Gerson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..