Course Catalog

01:988:499 Capstone in Gender and Media

Course Description

In this capstone to the Gender and Media minor, students will develop, discuss, produce and critique a project related to gender, media, and technology.  Students will articulate and present the project in written and oral formats and will have the option to also (1) create an in-depth multimedia component to the project; 2) complete an internship; or 3) complete a service learning experience.

Course Expectations

This course is a project-based seminar, which means that in a small-class setting we will all guide one another’s learning and work on a substantive project. A key goal of this course is for students to apply analytic frameworks related to gender and feminism to a large scale digital media production project.

As a 400-level, seminar-style class, this course involves a great deal of participation, independent and self-directed work, and a large-scale project that is built throughout the semester. The capstone project will address a major problem, question, or issue of interest related to gender, media, and technology. We will workshop these projects together as group, learning both technical and analytic aspects of gender-based, and feminist media messaging. Students also have the option to complete an internship or service-learning component as part of this course, and for students who choose this option; you must have your project approved by the instructor and the department internship co-ordinator by Monday, January 30th