Course Catalog

01:988:497-498 Honors Research in Women’s and Gender Studies

Course Description

The two-semester Honors Research Seminar is an intensive upper level undergraduate seminar designed to provide you with the structure and support to complete an exemplary senior thesis project. During the fall semester of the seminar, we will undertake a series of in-class workshops designed to help you identify the major components of your thesis project: your major argument, evidentiary sources, and significant analytic frames. The goal of the fall semester is to help participants to produce the first twenty pages of their final thesis project.

Thesis seminars are effective because they provide you the structure and accountability to produce a solid final product incrementally. You also have the opportunity to write and share your ideas in a community of similarly placed thinkers all striving for the same goal.

However, the seminar also requires its participants to be self-motivated, to be able with guidance to design research plans and work deadlines and adhere to them.