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01:988:412 Global Food Politics: Health Consequences

Course Description

Production of food for profit by sale in commodities markets rather than for use has momentous consequences for women in the global North as consumers and in the global South in the struggle for subsistence. Neoliberal trade policies have restructured national economies, and new speculation in global commodities markets has limited access to food by the poor. Close to one billion people suffer from malnutrition and many more from food deprivation. At the same time, creation of consumer markets for processed foods has led to other health crises. This course will examine impacts of global commodities markets on food distribution, diet, and health.

Required readings and films are listed in the schedule below. Lectures recorded by the instructor and audio/video materials available on the internet may be assigned as the course progresses. The instructor may use the term “texts” to refer not only to readings, but also to films and videos.