Course Catalog

01:988:409 Gender, Environmental Justice & Health

Course Description

Over the past half-century, scholars have debated the relationship between the quest for “endless growth”–capital accumulation on a global scale–and resource exhaustion. This course situates women’s health in the context of these debates, investigating the health consequences of environmental crises linked to various market-based development strategies and technological innovations. Analyzing externalized business costs in the currency of human health, the course investigates illness caused by toxic industrial products and byproducts, injury from resource extraction processes such as nuclear fission and deep-water oil drilling, the manifold health hazards stemming from violent conflict over control of scarce resources in postcolonial states, and dangers that attend dislocation resulting from climate change.

Course Objectives

1) Introduce basic concepts and themes fundamental to understanding the topic of environmental justice and health;

2) Introduce methodological frameworks and approaches in environmental justice studies;

3) Promote critical thinking and your understanding of the intersectionality of environmental, social, political, and economic conflict;

4) Expand your view of race, gender, class and their intersection with environmental topics;

5) Develop writing and critical analysis skills.