Course Catalog

01:988:405 Gender and Human Rights

Course Description

This course offers students an opportunity to learn the basic history and discourse of women’s human rights. It will cover United Nations instruments of human rights law, the reframing of women’s rights as human rights as an example of feminist theory in action, and the application of human rights to issues of gender-based violence, health, and sexuality.  It is grounded in the experience of the global movement for women's human rights and the diverse voices from around the world that have shaped it over the past two decades.

The Learning Goals for this course include understanding how to use gender analytics as a tool for academic research and for practices of social change as well as seeing the complexity and variety of differently gendered lives around the globe.  Students will be able to identify, analyze, and critique the formation of social, economic, and political hierarchies grounded in gender and sexuality intersecting with race, ethnicity, culture and nationality