Course Catalog

01:988:368 Producing Identities: Race, Gender, Class, and Sexualities

This course looks at how identities are produced – socially, culturally, politically, sexually – from institutional definitions to style and consumption, from stereotyping to personal expression. How much do we shape who we are and how much are we formed by the market, social categories, pop culture, our skin, genitals or hair? We begin with the notion of identities as they operate in the market – corporate identities, brands, signatures, advertising, market niches, commodities, all constitute identities. And some consumers oppose these processes through culture jamming or independent identity production. We then examine the interaction between gender, ethnicity, class and nationality with a special focus on race and sexuality with an extended treatment of girls. The course takes a multiethnic and global perspective; we talk about bodies, media, toys, tourism and disease. The course treats sexuality in depth and will count towards the minor in Critical Sexuality Studies.