Course Catalog

01:988:344 Women and Leadership

This seminar explores women’s leadership on the local, national and global levels. Readings and discussions will investigate themes in leadership, including feminist scholarship on the theory and practice of leadership and women’s experiences as leaders in a variety of diverse contemporary and historical settings. The Learning Goals are for students to better understand issues of women’s leadership and to further development their own leadership potential. 

Issues to be considered include different types of leaders from charismatic figures to consensus builders and path breakers; feminist critiques of power and leadership; what is “ethical”, “responsible” or “transformative” leadership; the varied social, racial and cultural contexts that provide opportunities for women’s leadership in formal as well as informal settings, including communities, worksites, social and political institutions, as well as in women’s rights and other social movements; whether women lead differently from men and if so, how and why; how leadership can be taught or encouraged as well as held accountable; and what women/feminists need to be leading about in the 21st century.