Course Catalog

01:988:310 South Asian Feminism


Using a variety of materials, including theoretical texts, videos, movies, research projects, and guest lectures, this course will explore the situation of South Asian women in general and Indian women in particular since the early 20th century. This course will also discuss about the role of women within the current challenges of informal economy through scholarly debates. This course thus intends to examine the development process, particularly in India with a reflection on of the entire South. Also in addition a few lectures on empirical perspectives with a macro-micro linkage perspective would be imparted for understanding the role of informal economy and gender aspects within it.

Using multitude teaching materials as noted students will examine: (1) Gender inequalities which hinder women's progress in developing countries, like in India. (2) Contribution of women workers even those functioning in the informal economy to development, (3) A system of developing linkages of women’s participation to the economy through both formal and informal work as well as non-market work (such as household chores, care work) and (4) Programmes and efforts made by the governments and other organizations to improve the conditions of informal workers and women's lives in developing countries, and specially in India.