Course Catalog

01:988:296 Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies

* A few different courses under this title, but all are under the Global Village. This is the description for the Global Village as a whole:

Global Village Description: The Global Village is a Living-Learning Community that seeks to develop language skills, intercultural appreciation, global awareness, and a sense of community among participating students. This unique environment combines activities in and outside of the classroom, all of which are designed to strengthen the community. Your engagement in all these activities is an essential part of this experience and, as such, it is important to recognize that what happens in the living community (for example, the residence halls, your rooms, the dining halls) shapes what happens in the classroom – and vice versa. Respect for others in the community, as well as adhering both to the guidelines of your residence hall and the mission of Douglass Residential College, are essential to being an engaged member of the Global Village.

Global Village Learning Goals:

Program Goals

Student Learning Goals


(1) To foster global community by promoting civic engagement and social responsibility that connects the local to the global using a feminist lens.


Students will participate in community-based efforts to put into effect principles of justice and equality.

Provide evidence of participation in a community project through a presentation or written narrative that identifies the civic issues encountered and local/global connections made.

(2) To develop students’ global leadership skills by cultivating intercultural competencies from a gendered perspective.

Students will strengthen skills in public speaking, inter-group dynamics, and critical thinking.

Give at least one individual presentation and work on one group presentation or project per semester. Provide evidence of personal insights gained from class presentations, course readings, and experiential activities (via journal, blog, or written assignments).