Course Catalog

01:988:285 Lesbians and Gay Men and Society (note: also listed as 888:285)


This course is an experiment. While it seeks to introduce students to the subjects and populations announced in its title, it moves through queer of color materials (primary, secondary, etc) to explore how these populations become intelligible to themselves and to others in the first place. What are sex, desire, belonging, and their relationship to identity forms will, of course, be central to our collective inquiry. But the procedures of this class will be constantly demanding that students consider the multiple modalities of production and materialities of queer work. Furthermore, our readings and discussions will insist on the relevance of queer of color critique, experience, and cultural production to all identity forms, regardless of their conformity or dissent to racial, class, gender, or sexual norms.

This is a demanding course, and the syllabus is designed to help all of us share in the charge of making this a transformative experience. Students should review carefully the reading schedule and ask questions about the assignments. If they are not willing to engage in the level of work required for this course, this may not be an appropriate course for them.


  1. To connect everyday personal experiences of gender and sexual dissent to institutional forms of identity production
  2. To appreciate the importance of historical memory and recovery in projects of queer identities and belonging
  3. To engage primary and secondary materials in the production of a final research paper, group paper, or group archival exhibit and report.
  4. To work with primary documents and develop research and archival skills