Course Catalog

01:904:201 Introduction to Social Justice

Course Description

Examining contemporary justice realities in order to understand the dynamics of oppression; linking competing theories of social justice to hierarchies of power grounded in race, ethnicity, nationality, gender identities and, class to particular strategies for social transformation and change.


There are (5) primary learning goals for this course: (1) developing and using tools for critical analysis of contemporary social justice realities in order to understand how identities intersect to exacerbate oppression and evolving interpretations of social justice in changing contexts; (2) exploring  the meanings of basic social justice concepts such as equality, equity, meritocracy, fairness, human rights etc. in the context of issues of power and powerlessness, advantage and disadvantage, privilege and entitlement;  (3) exploring  the changing roles of  individuals, groups, corporations and  justice institutions of  the State; (4) reflecting on personal identity and social commitment; (5) experiencing and reflecting  on social justice through experiences with campus and community social justice organizations.