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The Tyler Clementi Foundation

The Tyler Clementi Foundation (TCF), guided by the life and story of Tyler Clementi, promotes safe, inclusive and respectful social environments in homes, schools, campuses, churches and the digital world for vulnerable youth, LGBT youth and their allies.

Through educational partnerships, research, public dialogues and awareness programs, TCF fosters empathetic, constructive discussions of respect and dignity for youth and families, at all levels of society.

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altKayo Denda (MA Alumnae '10)

As women’s studies librarian doing collection development and working as liaison with the WGS community at Rutgers, I always felt a professional responsibility to evaluate how library resources and services are (or are not) useful for feminist investigations. Aside from intellectual curiosity and a desire to challenge myself, I started the M.A. Program because I felt that embedding myself in the classrooms was the best way to achieve my goal, while getting to know more about the community I worked with. I certainly was not disappointed! I cannot express enough my gratitude to every faculty member whose course I took, as each one of them welcomed me in their classrooms. The class lectures/discussions provided me with opportunities to familiarize myself with faculty research directly and to get to know my fellow classmates and their research interests. The insights I gained are truly valuable in my librarianship, as I can now apply them in strategies regarding building collections and designing specific services. When time finally came to think about practicum or a thesis (I was a very part-time student), I decided to do a practicum that was relevant to my work. I examined the pamphlet collections from Guyana and Brazil from the /Latin American Twentieth Century Pamphlets/ collection at Rutgers Libraries. My practicum report was titled “Archival Resources Reimagined: a Feminist Examination of the /Latin American Twentieth Century Pamphlets/.” I received wonderful guidance from Carlos Decena and Yana Rodgers, my practicum committee members, and especially from my esteemed and dear adviser, Nancy Hewitt, who continued to advise me from the other side of the Atlantic during her leave.

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Women’s & Gender Studies Graduate Association Members Spring 2010

  • Prospective Student Visits: Graduate students host prospective students, as well as plan activities during their visits.
  • Fall Orientation: Each year, graduate students organize an informal half-day event for incoming students as part of the regular fall orientation. This is designed to be a low-key affair during which new students can get to know one another (and us), as well as ask questions about life in New Brunswick.
  • Mentoring: Second and third year graduate students offer mentoring to incoming students on graduate life, classes, scholarship, and activities available at Rutgers.
  • Vital Voices: A Semi-Annual Emerging Interdisciplinary Scholars Lecture Series: Inaugurated fall 2010 with a lecture by Karen Tongson, Professor of English and Gender Studies at USC, this series aims to bring emerging scholars to Rutgers who we, as graduate students, find particularly innovative, exciting, and inspiring. Vital Voices Spring 2011 featured a talk by Dr. Melissa Gregg, Department of Gender and Cultural Studies, University of Sidney.
  • Women’s & Gender Studies Graduate Association Members Spring 2011Sakai Site: An evolving and interactive site designed to provide students with information on a range of topics, including teaching resources, tools for international students, navigating New Brunswick (housing, transportation, food, etc.), Rutgers red tape, and more!
  • Happy Hour at Hotoke!: And when it all seems just a bit overwhelming, there’s always Happy Hour at Hotoke from 4-7pm on Fridays. Come join graduate students from WGS, as well as other departments, for excellent conversation and half-price cocktails!

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Women’s & Gender Studies Graduate Association

The purpose of this graduate organization is to further the social, cultural and academic interests of students in the Women’s & Gender Studies graduate program, to promote gender awareness on campus, and to provide a forum for ongoing discussions regarding graduate student participation in departmental affairs

The WGSGA meets once a month. Please join us! Open to all graduate students.


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