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The Rutgers University Libraries welcome students, faculty, and staff to make use of our new 3D printers, located in the Fordham Commons area of the Mabel Smith Douglass Library. Library users may design projects using the software available on the computers in the Commons, as well as print files created with compatible software.

Read more: Douglass Library: 3D Printers

Rutgers LGBTQIA PrideThe Center for Social Justice Education and LGBT Communities (SJE) website

Formerly the Office of Diverse Community Affairs and Lesbian-Gay Concerns, promotes engagements with and understanding of the complex issues of power, privilege, and prejudice, as well as understanding what must be done to change the ways in which structures operate to exclude and oppress individuals and groups. The SJE will create opportunities for stuents to make connections between their personal leadership development and issues, including but not limited to race, gender, sexuality, and class. SJE will continue to provide programs, training, and services for LGBT students, allies, and Liaisons for LGBTQ students. The mission and vision of the Office of Social Justice Education and LGBT Communities involves working for social change in concert with members of historically disenfranchised groups and allies. The mission and vision of the office will be accomplished through various co-curricular educational activities, such as workshops, internships, community service and collaborative programs with academic departments, offices and/or student organizations.

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Women’s & Gender Studies Graduate Association

The purpose of this graduate organization is to further the social, cultural and academic interests of students in the Women’s & Gender Studies graduate program, to promote gender awareness on campus, and to provide a forum for ongoing discussions regarding graduate student participation in departmental affairs

The WGSGA meets once a month. Please join us! Open to all graduate students.


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