M.A. Students

Akhtar, Hiba

Carbone, Kelle

Intersections of environmental, economic, and political issues impacting female sexuality within society; gender non-conformity in relation to its revolutionary role in undermining sexism.

Didato, Mariel

Sexual violence prevention; women in leadership; women in politics

Gebreegziabher, N’Bsrat

Hernandez, Stephanie (2014 Graduate)

Hill, Chelsea (2016 Graduate)

Hurley, Pat (2016 Graduate)

Jia, Bo (2015 Graduate)

Little, Mahaliah Ayana (2016 Graduate)

Black Women's studies; media and popular culture; hip hop; sexuality; gender; the power of words/reinforcing images.

Miller, Rena

Transgender theory; transgender status in various parts of the world; sexuality outside of hetero and LGB ideas of human sexuality; alternative sexualities.

Michaelis, Emily

Relationship between gender and gender; women's leadership. 

Napatalung, Anne

Race, space, and the prison; the roles of midwives and healers of color in abolitionist and decolonial struggles; reproductive freedom, healing justice, plant knowledges.

Reed, Erica (2015 Graduate)

Renshaw, Jessica

Gender and sexuality issues in K-12 education and music education; the fat/skinny dichotomy in Western cultures and the rise of the “curvy” woman; representations of gender and sexuality in popular culture and its effects on youth.

Restrepo, Isabella (2015 Graduate)

Social ramifications of gender non-conformance in Western cultures.

Singh, Jasleen

St. George, Michelle (2015 Graduate) 

Washington, Carolyn (2016 Graduate)

International frameworks such as United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 and the Women, Peace and Security agenda; sexual and gender-based violence, especially during conflict; women in the military; and masculinities.

Yingling, Tosha

African American studies; postcolonial theory; role of art and creation in incarcerated communities; prison abolition; and the pluralization of knowledges.