Hurley, Pat

Biographical Notes

Pat comes to Rutgers University as a non-traditional student with over 20 years of high school teaching experience. Pat is currently on sabbatical from teaching Physical Education, Health and Driver Education, and his passion lies within the scope of Health education. The evolution of his identities through the years, from gay (never lesbian), to butch, to queer, to Trans, to Butch-Trans-Man, has informed his educational platform and philosophy, and he looks forward to learning a new skill set with the work he will do in this graduate program. As a white, anti-racist social justice educator, he is most interested in cultivating more emancipatory spaces in public education to bring forth the histories and narratives of queer students and students of color, outside the gender binary, which more closely reflect his own experiences both as a public school student, an education major, and a public school teacher. Pat aspires to continue to educate young people in his health classes and adults in his various presentations throughout the state and region on intersectional topics which include race, gender, sexual orientation, class, ability, as well as other marginalized identities.