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Tanjeem, Nafisa

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B.S.S., Women and Gender Studies, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

M.A., Women and Gender Studies, University of Toronto, Canada

Research Interests

Feminist globalization studies, feminist political economy, transnational activism, feminist geography and cultural studies.

Biographical Notes

Nafisa Tanjeem is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Women's and Gender Studies of Rutgers University. Her research examines how changing modes of production and consumption practices across transnational spaces constitute gendered and racialized global actors and institutions.

Nafisa has extensive undergraduate teaching experience at Rutgers University, USA, University of Toronto, Canada, and University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. She has taught a number of undergraduate courses as Graduate instructor, including "Women, Culture, and Society," "Gender and Consumption," and "Introduction to Feminist Theories." She also worked as Teaching Assistant for several other courses such as "Introduction to Women and Gender Studies," "War: Critical Perspectives," "Immigrant States: Jersey's Global Routes'," "Global Women's Health Movements," and "Health Consequences of Global Trade in Pharmaceuticals."

Besides research and teaching at Rutgers University, Nafisa worked for promoting community relationships of graduate residents as Graduate Apartment Assistant with Rutgers - Graduate Residence Life, developed contents for the website and edited annual newsletter of Rutgers - Department of Women's and Gender Studies as Graduate Assistant, and worked with Dr. Mary Hawkesworth and Dr. Carlos Decena in several projects as Research Assistant. She is a Pre-doctoral Leadership Fellow of Rutgers - Pre-doctoral Leadership Institute and getting trained to assume academic and administrative leadership roles in institutions of higher learning.

Upon completion of her Master's in Canada, Nafisa worked as Community organizer and later as Events Coordinator with Council of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA) - a non-profit social justice organization in Toronto. Her responsibilities entailed organizing local campaigns for promoting poverty reduction, access and equity, and youth engagement among South Asian immigrant communities in Toronto. She also served as research assistant at University of Toronto for a multi-sited historical project concerning the history of medicine.

In Bangladesh, Nafisa taught at University of Dhaka and worked as research assistant with Gender and Media Forum and International Labor Organization - Bangladesh. She also participated in a student exchange program held at Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand.

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