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Haghani, Fakhrolmolouk

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Office: Lucy Stone Hall B-304 

Biographical Notes

Dr. Haghani teaches comparative study of culture and history in Iran and the Middle East at Rutgers.  She holds an advanced degree (Dottore) in Art History from Facolta di Magistero at University of Rome (Sapienza) in Italy, a Masters degree in Women’s Studies and a Ph.D. in History from Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia.  In her dissertation project, she pursued a comparative study of the history of women’s emergence in performing arts and journalism in Egypt and Iran to place the questions of “modernity,” “intelligentsia,” and “culture” in a transnational context.  Her field research in Egypt and Iran has been funded by the American Research Center in Egypt and the Council of American Overseas Research Center.  Dr. Haghani was born and raised in Iran. 

Questions of gender and women’s movements, popular culture and political art (cinema and music/performing arts, as well as visual and literary representations), and social and intellectual history as multi-faceted manifestations of the contested identities in Iran and other societies of the Middle East are some of her areas of focus and work. Her research interest combines interdisciplinary, transnational, and comparative theoretical approaches including women’s and gender studies, media and performance studies, and cultural studies.  Dr. Haghani has also served as a co-chair and a co-founding member of the Human Rights Atlanta, an activist branch of Center for Human Rights Education in Atlanta, committed to providing and promoting human rights education as a framework for social change in regard to the contested issues of immigration, race, and ethnic diversity within the United States. 

Her most recent publications/community services include, :“2009 Presidential Elections in Iran and its Aftermath,” Radio Talk, Womanspeak WRFG 89.3 FM, Radio Free Georgia, Pt 1(June 17) and Pt (June 25);  “Shahr Ray (City of Ray) and the Holy Shrine of Shah/Hazrat (King/Holiness) Abdol Azim: History of the Sacred and the Secular in Iran through the Dialectics of Space,” Book Chapter, Cities of Pilgrimage, Soheila Shahshahani (ed.), (Berlin: Lit-Verlag Publishers, 2009);  “The ‘New Woman’ of the Interwar Period:  Gender, Identity, and Performance in Egypt and Iran,”  Al-Raida, The Journal of the Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World at the Lebanese American University, Summer/Fall 2008 Issue: Women in the Performing Arts;  “Tajjali Mafhooum-e Zan-e Emrouzi ba Qamar al-Molouk Vaziri dar Iran wa Munira al-Mahdiyya dar Mesr (Manifestation of the ‘New Woman’ with Qamar al-Molouk Vaziri in Iran and Munira al-Mahdiyya in Egypt,”  Café Moann’as, Madreseh Feministi (The Feminist School) (3 August) 2008, (In Persian);  “Women, Gender, and Identity Politics in Iran and Afghanistan,” The Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures (EWIC), Volume II, Suad Joseph & Afsaneh Najmabadi (eds.), Brill Publishers, Spring 2005.

Courses Offered

Fall 2011:

History and Culture of Iran (685:336:01 and 508:391:06)

Introduction to Modern Middle East (685:350:02 and 790:351:01)

Advanced Topics in Middle Eastern Studies: Revolution & Empire of the Middle East (685:495:01 and 508:391:07)

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