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Crowley, Jocelyn

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B.A., Cornell University

M.P.P., Georgetown University

Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Research Interests

  • American Social Policy
  • Family Policy
  • Women and Politics

Biographical Notes

Jocelyn Elise Crowley is a Professor of Public Policy, a member of the Graduate Faculty in the Department of Political Science, and an Affiliated Faculty Member of the Department of Women's and Gender Studies at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.  Most recently, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has funded many of her research projects on mothers’ organizations in the United States, parenting challenges and public policy, and workplace flexibility.  Her book, Mothers Unite! Organizing for Workplace Flexibility and the Transformation of Family Life, will be published by Cornell University Press in 2013.  She has also written extensively on the topic of family law and public policy, including her books The Politics of Child Support in America (2003; Cambridge University Press) andDefiant Dads: Fathers’ Rights Activists in America (2008; Cornell University Press).  In addition to contributing to edited volumes on international fathers’ rights movements and motherhood politics, she has published numerous articles in the American Journal of Political Science, Social Science Quarterly, Review of Religious Research, Health Education and Behavior, Legislative Studies Quarterly, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Publius: The Journal of Federalism, Marriage and Family Review, Justice System Journal, Perspectives on Politics, Social Service Review, Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, Sociological Inquiry,Women’s Studies QuarterlySocial ForcesSociological SpectrumFamily Relations, and the Eastern Economic Journal.  During the 2005-2006 academic year, she was chosen to be a Visiting Scholar at the Russell Sage Foundation in New York City.  She spent the 2006-2007 academic year at the Department of Politics, New York University and the Social Indicators Survey Center, Columbia University School of Social Work.
Selected Publications
Other Publications:
    Crowley, Jocelyn Elise with Marc Weiner. 2010. “What Mothers Want: Workplace Flexibility in the Twenty-First Century.” Report to the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, New York, New York.

  • Crowley, Jocelyn Elise, Radha Jagannathan, and Galo Falchettore. 2012. "The Effect of Child Support Enforcement on Abortion in the United States." Social Science Quarterly. 93(1): 152-172.
  • Alger, Vanessa and Jocelyn Elise Crowley.  2012.  “Aspects of Workplace Flexibility and Mothers' Satisfaction with Their Husbands' Contributions to Household Labor.”  Sociological Inquiry. 82(1): 78-99.
  • Crowley, Jocelyn Elise and Stephanie Curenton. 2011. “Organizational Social Support and Parenting Challenges among Mothers of Color: The Case of Mocha Moms.” Family Relations. 60(1): 1-14.
  • Crowley, Jocelyn Elise. 2009. “Taking Custody of Motherhood: Fathers’ Rights Activists and the Politics of Parenting.” Women’s Studies Quarterly. 37(3/4): 223-240.
  • Crowley, Jocelyn Elise. 2009.  “Conflicted Membership: Women in Fathers’ Rights Groups.”  Sociological Inquiry. 79(3): 328-350.
  • Crowley, Jocelyn Elise. 2008. “On the Cusp of a Movement: Identity Work and Social Movement Identification Processes within Fathers’ Rights Groups.” Sociological Spectrum. 28(6): 705-724.
  • Crowley, Jocelyn Elise, Margaret Watson, and Maureen R. Waller. 2008. "Understanding “Power Talk”: Language, Public Policy, and Democracy." Perspectives on Politics. 6(1): 71-88.
  • Crowley, Jocelyn Elise. 2007. "Friend or Foe? Self-Expansion, Stigmatized Groups, and the Researcher-Participant Relationship." Journal of Contemporary Ethnography. 36(6): 603-630.
  • Book Review: Creating Gender: The Sexual Politics of Welfare Policy. By Cathy Marie Johnson, Georgia Duerst-Lahti, and Noelle Norton. Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Press, 2007, for Politics and Gender. 3(4): 546-548.
  • Gano, Gretchen, Jocelyn Elise Crowley, and David Guston. 2007. “‘Shielding’ the Knowledge Transfer Process in Human Service Research.” Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory. 17(1): 39-60.
  • Crowley, Jocelyn Elise, Brian Roff, and Jeneve Lynch. 2007. "Encouraging at Risk, HIV Populations to Respond to Research Surveys: Does a Community Identity Link Help or Hurt?" Health Education and Behavior. 34(1): 55-70.
  • Crowley, Jocelyn Elise. 2006. "Adopting 'Equality Tools' from the Toolboxes of their Predecessors: The Fathers' Rights Movement in the United States." in Fathers' Rights Activism and Law Reform in Comparative Perspective, edited by Richard Collier and Sally Sheldon, pp. 79-100. Oxford: Hart Publications.
  • Crowley, Jocelyn Elise. 2006. "Moving beyond Tokenism: Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment and the Election of Women to State Legislatures." Social Science Quarterly. 87(3): 519-539.
  • Crowley, Jocelyn Elise. 2006. "Organizational Responses to the Fatherhood Crisis: The Case of Fathers' Rights Groups in the United States." Marriage and Family Review. 39(1/2): 99-120; Reprinted in Families and Social Policy: National and International Perspectives, edited by Linda Haas and Steven K. Wisensale. 2006. New York: Haworth Press.
  • Crowley, Jocelyn Elise. 2004. "When Tokens Matter." Legislative Studies Quarterly. 29(1):109-136.
  • Spry, John A. and Jocelyn Elise Crowley. 2004. "Assessing the Implications of Monopoly Toll Road Service Areas." Eastern Economic Journal. 30(3):381-398.
  • Crowley, Jocelyn Elise. 2003. "The Gentrification of Child Support Enforcement Services, 1950-1984." Social Service Review. 77(4):585-604.
  • Crowley, Jocelyn Elise. 2002. "The Rise and Fall of Court Prerogatives in Paternity Establishment." Justice System Journal 23(3):363-376.
  • Crowley, Jocelyn Elise and Theda Skocpol. 2001. "The Rush to Organize: Explaining Associational Formation in the United States, 1860s-1920s." American Journal of Political Science. 45(4):813-829.
  • Crowley, Jocelyn Elise. 2001. "Who Institutionalizes Institutions? The Case of Paternity Establishment in the United States." Social Science Quarterly. 82(2): 312-328.
  • Crowley, Jocelyn Elise. 2000. "Supervised Devolution: The Case of Child Support Enforcement." Publius: The Journal of Federalism. 30(1/2):99




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