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Rothwell, Phillip


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Tel: (732) 932-9323

Office:Carpender Hall, 202B


M.A., Ph.D., University of Cambridge

Research Interests

Professor Phillip Rothwell is currently working on a book-length project, provisionally entitled Portuguese Perversions, which analyses how the cultural component of the Portuguese imperial project and its postimperial legacy is often structured through disavowal.

Selected Publications


  • A Canon of Empty Fathers: Paternity in Portuguese Narrative.  Lewisburg: Bucknell University Press, 2007.
  • A Postmodern Nationalist: Truth, Orality and Gender in the Work of Mia Couto.  Lewisburg: Bucknell University Press, 2004.Edited with Hilary Owen, Sexual/Textual Empires: Gender and Marginality in Lusophone African Literature. Bristol: HIPLA Series, 2004.
  • Edited with Margarida Ribeiro, Teresa Cristina Cerdeira and Juliet Perkins, A Primavera Toda para Ti. Lisbon: Presença, 2004.


  • "Between Politics and Truth: Time to Think through the Other in Couto's Pensatempos." Bulletin of Hispanic Studies 84.4 (2007): 463-61.
  • "Teaching Desire: The Aleatory in Ethics and the Aesthetic Experience" in Producing Presences: Branching Out from Gumbrecht's Work, edited by Victor K. Mendes and João Cezar de Castro Rocha (Dartmouth: Adamastor Books, 2007): 331-38.
  • "Subaltern Rankings and the Death of Community in Buchi Emecheta's In the Ditch." in A Mulher em Africa: Vozes de uma Margem sempre Presente, edited by Inocencia Mata and Laura Cavalcante Padilha (Lisboa: Colibri, 2007): 293-308.
  • "Vodafone Portugal: Postcolonial Ethics in a Mobile Age." Utrecht Portuguese Studies: Postcolonial Theory and Lusophone Literatures. Ed. Paulo de Medeiros. (2007): 119-28.
  • "Inventing a Lusotropical Father, or The Neurotic Legacy in Germano Almeida's O Testamento do Senhor Napumoceno." Research in African Literatures 38.1 (Spring 2007): 95-105.
  • "Portugal e Moçambique no Século XX: Língua, Pátria, e Pânico." Prelo 3 (Winter 2006): 114-27.
  • "O Poder de uma Mulher: Uma Leitura de Lueji: O Nascimento dum Imperio." Metamorphoses 7 (2006): 57-64.
  • "Postcolonial Contemporaneity: An Anglophone Menace Returns to Lusophone Africa in Pepetela's Jaime Bunda e a Morte do Americano." Lusophone Studies 4. Ed. Anthony Soares. (2006): 91-110.
  • "The Authenticity of Smell: Contenting Civilization in the Angola of Ondjaki's Bom Dia Camaradas." Bulletin of Hispanic Studies 83 (2006): 83-90.
  • "Shit, Shrimps, and Shifting Soubriquets: Iracema and the Lesson in Lost Authority" [Republication by request]. Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism 157 (2006): 55-60.
  • "Rereading Pepetela's O Desejo de Kianda after September 11, 2001: Signs and Distractions." Portuguese Studies 20 (2004): 195-207.
  • "Placing Women's Time and in a Colonial Space: Abdulai Sila's A Última Tragédia." In Sexual/Textual Empire: Gender and Marginality in Lusophone African Literature (2004): 65-82.
  • "Onions and English Blondes: Or the Profane Defragmentation of A Brasileira de Prazins." In A Primavera Toda para Ti (2004): 147-50.
  • "Galeria de Sombras." In Fantasmas e Fantasias Imperiais no Imaginário Português Contemporâneo. Eds Ana Paula Ferreira and Margarida Ribeiro. Lisbon: Campo das Letras, 2003: 179-86.
  • "Between the Lines: Elision and Paternity in Helder Macedo's Partes de África." Acts of the 23rd Louisiana Conference on Hispanic Languages and Literatures. Eds Alejandro Cortazar and Christian Fernández. Baton Rouge: LSU, 2003: 163-68.
  • "An Unbecoming Lady of the Camellias: Luiza's Desire for Recognition in O Primo Bazilio." Bulletin of Hispanic Studies 80 (2003): 399-408.
  • "Momplé's Melancholia: Mourning for Mozambique." Portuguese Studies Review 10.1 (2002): 185-193.
  • "In Search of a Phallus: Jacinto's True Quest in A Cidade e As Serras." Portuguese Studies 18 (2002): 64-70.
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  • "Unmasking Structures: The Dynamics of Power in Pepetela's Mayombe." Luso-Brazilian Review 39.1 (2002): 121-128.
  • "Entre Metáfora e Metonímia: Outra Leitura de Partes de África." In A Experiência das Fronteiras. Ed. Teresa Cristina Cerdeira. Niterói: EDUFF, 2002. 105-112.
  • "The Phylomorphic Linguistic Tradition: Or, The Siege of (the) Portuguese in Mozambique." Hispanic Research Journal 2.2 (2001): 169-180.
  • "Shit, Shrimps, and Shifting Soubriquets: Iracema and the Lesson in Lost Authority." Portuguese Literary and Cultural Studies 6 (2001): 285-296.
  • "A Tale of Two Tensions: Synthesis and Separation in Portuguese National Identity." Forum for Modern Language Studies XXXVI.3 (2000): 322-330.
  • "Fuzzy Frontiers: Mozambique: False Borders, Mia Couto: False Margins." Portuguese Literary and Cultural Studies 1 (1998): 55-65.

Editorships of Journals

  • Executive Editor of ellipsis: Journal of American Portuguese Studies Association
  • Guest editor of Bulletin of Hispanic Studies 84.4 (2007), with Claudia Pazos Alonso
  • Guest editor of Portuguese Literary and Cultural Studies 10 (Spring 2003) “Reevaluating Mozambique”

Editorial Board Memberships

  • Associate Editor of Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • Editorial Board of Portuguese Literary and Cultural Studies
  • Advisory Board of Adamastor Book Series
  • International Advisory Board of O Marrare: Periódico do Setor de Literatura Portuguesa de UERJ

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